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She Provides Support for Students to Excel in their studies

Born in Ghana but spending more than half of her entire life in the United Kingdom, Rhoda Agilinko is helping young students in the northern part of Ghana to be able to achieve success in their studies. This week on Game Changers, we are looking at the life of this young beautiful and kind-hearted lady.


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According to founder Rhoda Agilinko, the poor nature of facilities within the educational sector is the major challenge confronting education in the Upper East. According to her, dilapidated buildings are sometimes used as classrooms in certain communities and instead of serving as a medium to acquiring knowledge; these buildings rather become a death trap which scares pupils and teachers away from school.

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Making Education possible in ghana

In this episode, I have a conversation with Rhoda Agilinko, a Ghanaian who was born in Ghana but grew up in the UK from age 8. Upon returning to Ghana 3 years ago, the deprived state of the basic school at her village moved her to tears. She learned more about her culture and started an NGO to make education possible for the children in the village.