In the Upper East Region of Ghana, West Africa school Walls Serve as Teachers Too.

In the Builsa North District in Upper East region of Ghana, West Africa, Basic education facilities are available in almost all the communities, but one must say these are nothing to write home about. One look at them and it becomes very clear that not all children in this area have access to quality education.

The Happy School Project

To nurture knowledge, Homeland Ghana's Happy School Project is about the creation of fresh and colourful learning spaces, a far cry from government schools of dull classrooms where children are bored and teachers not motivated to teach.

Published in Psychological Science, a study found that children in highly decorated classrooms were more distracted, spent more time off-task and demonstrated smaller learning gains than when the decorations were removed. The key is for us to choose the right decoration and not overs-saturate the classrooms with drawings for the sake of it.

To begin with, gaps in the wall are filled, the classrooms are whitewashed and the classrooms painted. We then team up with different subject teachers and study the curriculum of different classes so we could implement related images and structures in the classrooms.


Classrooms are used for a variety of purposes, but the main intent is active learning. For this reason, we believe that a classroom environment should maximize information retention and stimulate participation. Our vision is not just to see children in school but learning very well also.


The development of educational paintings over our adopted school buildings will contribute to:

  • Reduction of dropout

  • Retention of students

  • Increased student activeness

  • Sense of ownership by students, teachers, principal, staff and school community

  • Overall improved learning experience

As well as a good level of development an interactive classroom setting allow children to develop a variety of other skills including, social skills, independence, expected levels of behaviour in a school environment, communication and language skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Want to Get Involved?

You can help us to create more learning friendly classrooms across schools in the Upper East region. Join us in our Happy School Project. For more details send us an email via