Culture is defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society; thus the language they speak, the food they eat, their traditions, festivals. Cultural day celebration across Basic schools in Ghana is an occasion set aside for pupils to display their culture and to learn new things about their culture and other cultures. This occasion takes place every two years and is in usually in the form of a non-award competition between the various Districts in order to select the best to represent each region at the National level. This years activities included drum appellation, poetry recitation, choral music, drama, cooking, and an art exhibition.

In an interaction with the Cultural Director of the Builsa North District Madam Francisca Abacori, she spoke highly of the benefits of adding Cultural Studies to the school curricula to enable pupils to learn about their culture. She stressed that a one day program every two years does not leave a lasting impression on the children. She added that although parents are partly responsible for teaching their children some of these cultural things, it will be more effective if it is were also taught in schools. However, Madam Francisca recommend that this particular subject should be not be assessed as it may likely be a burden on The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) to examine each child on his or her own culture.

According to Madam Francisca, although some form of culture is taught in Religious and Moral Education, it is inexhaustible of all cultures in the country, thus traditions, customs and stories of some cultures are left out. It is in her view that Cultural studies should be such that an elderly person who knows more about a particular aspect of the culture or custom be brought in to schools to educate pupils, explaining how and why some things are done. In such case, cultural studies can be taught once a week as an interactive and engaging subject. She concluded that the day for the National Celebration has not been communicated to them yet (as at the time this report was written); she however said Cape Coast will be hosting this year’s Nationals; hence every region has to rehearse a compulsory dance from the host region.

Amanda Akum